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Look at all these great tools. Compare for yourself and you'll quickly see we have the best standard features package of any online dating site on the web:

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Videos (view others and post your own) Private Chat (Instant Message)
Audio Greetings Public Chat (Chat Rooms)
Email 3-D City (Interactive City)
Your Own Calendar Games
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Live Private Video Chat
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We're not just a place where people try to "hook up" - it's an environment that encourages discussions and activities allowing you to get to know each other in a more natural way than blind dating after reading a profile and sending a couple of emails.

We've got A LOT of great features - and we show you how to use each and every one of them. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to figure dating sites out for yourself! Here's what we have to offer:

You can upload and view both videos and profile photos (we don't charge extra for videos!).

Try us for an entire week for FREE - includes full access to all our features during your trial period. We don't tease you with "free to look, but you can't communicate" specials or free weekends. Then, we don't offer special rates requiring you to make a long-term commitment - it's just one very low monthly fee.


We don't play match-maker - YOU decide who's right for you, not a computer.

The focus is on getting to really know each other. It's not a shopping mall where you choose someone based solely on a photo and carefully-worded profile.

Instant Message (IM) other members who are currently online to have live discussions.

One-on-One Video messaging. You decide if you want to see who you're talking to using your webcam
(no need to meet face-to-face until you're ready). One of the biggest complaints with online dating sites is that the person often doesn't look like his/her photo when you meet in real life. Video chatting allows you to see the other person without giving out any personal information or setting up a first date.

"Phone" other members using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Instead of giving out personal information such as your phone number, use your computer's microphone and earphones (or a headset) and talk using the web site's connection. It's both easier and safer!

Invite someone to play an online game - laughing together over a game can make that first date a lot more comfortable and give you something to talk about.

Create your own blog - get to know each other better by reading and posting blogs on any topic you choose - gives you a lot more freedom than just what's included in a profile. The best relationships are formed by people who share interests, values and opinions on important topics.

Plan and organize a live, in-person (off-line) event in your area. Meet a group for drinks or dinner (maybe a trip to a winery?) - or whatever interests you. Show the event location on a map so everyone can find it easily. You can make it open to everyone or limit it to an invitation-only guest list if you choose. Everyone can share photos of the event and message each other before, during and after. What a great way to get to know others in a non-intimidating environment.

Attend events organized by others. RSVP to let everyone know you're attending (and see who else is going to be there).

Form and join online groups. Meet and talk with other people who share your interests (both male and female). After all, there's more to life than dating.

Join in Forum discussions and chat rooms. Spark a conversation (or join one already in progress). Lively discussions and good-natured "ribbing" often lead to romance.

No SPAM. We NEVER share, rent or sell your information to anyone!

Secure. Payments are handled by PayPal - the web's most trusted payment processor. We never see your credit card information. Your credit card information provides a safe dating atmosphere for you - all you have to do is log on and have fun.

Did you know that most popular dating sites collect your info just so they can share your email address with others? This results in you getting SPAM from dozens of other companies. We think that's despicable! We NEVER share, rent or sell your email address or any other personal information.


This isn't a place to find old classmates or co-workers. It's a place for single adults to find others of the opposite sex and new single friends.

Blogs, discussion forums and chat rooms allow for real discussions - rather than just blasting out a 140 character message.

You can communicate with each other privately through private mailbox messages, Instant Messages (IM), phone and and video chat.

See who's online whenever you are.

Search the network for people with similar interests. That applies to looking for members of the opposite sex for dating purposes OR it allows you to find new friends to increase your social circle.

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Dating sites often charge between $34.95 to $59.95/month - and charge more for extra features like uploading and viewing videos (and don't offer half the features we have). Some inundate you with ads and emails.


Some sites charge you a hefty monthly fee AND blast you with ads and emails!


We provide EVERYTHING for less than half their monthly fee.


(cancel any time)


(everything's included)


Then, pay just





Join during our membership drive and you'll save $5/month for as long as you remain a member! That's just 33 pennies per day!




WARNING: Members who engage in suspicious activity are removed without warning. Further, if you are married and representing yourself as single, or if you are a convicted criminal, be aware that you could be guilty of fraud and subject to civil and criminal penalties under U.S. federal and state law. For example, Title 18, Section 1343 of the U.S. Code authorizes fines of up to $250,000 and jail sentences of up to five years for each offense. Over35Match.com reserves the right to report violators to appropriate law enforcement authorities and seek prosecution or civil redress to the fullest extent of the law. If you are married or a convicted criminal, don't even think about registering!


If you are not single, heterosexual ("straight"), age 25 or older and located in the U.S. - this isn't the site for you.

NOTE: You must be at least 25 years old to use this site. We prefer members age 35 and older.

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